MayteTiomaTake a chance and learn something new. Come to our Argentine Tango for Beginners classes and see what all the passionate fuss is all about. Mayte will take you through the concepts, steps and techniques able to get you moving quickly on the dance floor so you can start being a part of the beautiful social dance scene in New York City, Westchester and surrounding areas. Come enjoy the pleasure of live music, great performances, wonderful friends and the joy of moving to the music in a warm embrace. If you've already learned other dances, come and improve your sense of balance, elegance, leading and following while taking on this Argentine wonder and discovering a new way to move and express.

We'll look forward to seeing you there.

To check availability and schedule of classes, consult this events Calendar.

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Enjoy dancing with the best Tangueros and Tangueras in Westchester. Mayte Vicens  will be teaching a few new patterns every week.  She will also be available to answer individual questions while you are switching partners, practicing, and perfecting your Tango.


Location 10 South Division Street, New Rochelle NY 10801

Please refer to our Events Calendar to find dates, times, locations and additional information regarding weekly and upcoming classes.

my tango story juliati vicens 07Are you eager to learn a new dance? Or do you want to improve upon what you already know? Our offerings of classes are developed precisely for you.

Our groups are comprised of all levels of tango dancers, from beginners to intermediate to advanced. Classes are designed to satisfy your serious drive to succeed while simultaneously having fun!

Beginners are always welcome. You never feel intimidated because you are paired with others at your level as you learn from the outset the proper techniques of the tango. You’ll be taught the right way of how to maneuver on the dance floor and how to own the fundamentals of partnering. Watching the more advanced students will give you the vision of what you’ll be doing in the future.

We offer classes Monday, Thursday and Friday so you can find the right class that fits your level and schedule availability.  Each class includes a wonderful intense workout and professional dance training in a very positive and pleasure-filled environment.

Please refer to our Events Calendar to find dates, times, locations and additional information regarding weekly classesand upcoming special workshops.

latin-fitnessDance to the music of James Brown, Victor Manuel, Tito Puente, Piazolla, Aretha Franklin, Chico O’Farril and many, many others while building your stamina. You’ll feel energized by working on your turns, styling, and Cuban motion. After each class you’ll be rewarded with a relaxed, more graceful and confident self. Shape your body while dancing to Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Tango and Bachatta.

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What’s the best way for you to get to the next level in your dancing? It’s my personalized and intensive 3-month program to help you rapidly achieve your tango goals.

My approach is concentrated on sharing myself with you completely. Once I understand a student’s personality and what they need I recognize and impart the method that will be most effective. I aim to bring out your potential as fast as possible. Everyone learns differently so I choose techniques from several different dance styles that will apply to you.

Dancing is about expressing your feelings through movement. Find that movement, refine and apply it to the style of music and to your partner. Allow yourself to own and to create that feeling.

My Tango Story - A Journey with Mayte Vicens

I invite you to view the engaging documentary film produced by a student showing the success of my Intensive Program. Photographer and filmmaker Julia Juliati focused on Mayte’s unique approach to teaching Argentine Tango.

To see this engaging documentary, please visit

 Or read about the project here: My Tango Story - Interactive Reader

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