maytebiophotoBorn in Valencia, Spain, Mayte is respected world wide for her distinguished career of 20 years performing, choreographing and teaching all elements of Dance. Her professional specialities include, but not limited to: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, American Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and Flamenco.

Her educational highlights include a Scholarship to the Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes, France and also a Masters Degree in Spanish Dance and Flamenco from the Royal Conservatory of Art and Dance in Valencia, Spain.

It was in Spain that Mayte’s talents were recognized and honored for her artistic efforts by Salvador Peiro and by Madeleine Renard (Prima Ballerina of the Paris Opera.) After many years with these notables they inspired Ms. Vicens to pursue a career in dance. She was successful in combining the fundamentals of ballet, modern and jazz, into the existing compartmentalization of Afro-Latin Jazz and American Ballroom. Mayte succeeded in choreographing all these dances by integrating these varied styles in a unique and personal way.

Mayte’s numerous appearances have included: Prima Ballerina in Madeline Renard productions performing as a soloist in “Dracula”, “La Traviata”, and “Carmen”; at the National Dance Festival, Tito Puente Tribute, Top Mulaben, Circulo De Las Artes, and to the Ambassadors Summit from South America.

She was privileged to study and perform with the greatest Flamenco Master and teacher of our time -- Martin Vargas -- whose students included Canales, Joaquin Cortes and Antonio Marquez among others.

And in 2001 Mayte made the dramatic decision to move to New York in order to expand her studies in choreography, Argentine Tango and other versatile dance disciplines. While she is well known in the Latin Dance world, she has also made multiple appearances as a dancer and choreographer in commercials and programs on CBS, CNN, Univision and Hispanavision. She has also worked with the Montclair Chamber Music Society of New Jersey as choreographer-in-residence and has performed many times as a guest at the Stardust Festival (Latin American Master Show) as soloist with Lou Brockman.

For several years, Mayte joined Pierre Dulaine and Ivonne Marceau, Directors of The American Ballroom Theater, as a judge for their competitions and as a coach for their leadership program (Dance in Classrooms) featured in the film “Take the Lead” starring Antonio Banderas.

Her appearances as a professional ballroom dancer in motion pictures include: “Mona Lisa Smile” (Sony), “Stepford Wives” (Paramount), and “Enchanted” (Disney). For two consecutive years she was honored to be the Viennese Waltz soloist at the famous annual Vienna Opera Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

In addition to her extraordinary dance talents, Ms Vicens served as a percussionist and vocalist for the group “Soul con Timba” on the recording album “Live at Bohemian Caverns”. This original work commissioned by Charlie Fishman (Dizzy Gillespie’s former manager) was premiered at The Duke Ellington Jazz Festival in Washington, DC.

As a choreographer her favorite work, the forty-minute Jazz Ballet “Beneath the Mask” was premiered at the Harris Theater, Chicago, IL. Michael Philip Mossman composed the music, played by the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, directed by Jon Faddis and performed by the renowned dance company, Deeply Rooted.

Still another highlight in Mayte’s career was a work entitled “Mayte’s Allen Room Caper”. It was commissioned and composed for the opening of the Allen Room at Lincoln Center, NY and performed by the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra with Mayte as the special guest soloist.

Ms Vicens is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Tango Jazz Fusion Company, “Timba Tango”, a sizzling, cutting edge combination of live music and dance that fuses together flamenco, tango and salsa--all performed with elegance, mastery and passion.

Her most significant appearance as a dancer was at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, performing with Maestro Paquito D’Rivera, in a project called “The Jelly Roll Morton Latin Tinge”.

Mayte currently resides in Westchester County, NY, and holds Honors Degrees in Film and Media Studies, Political Economics and Business Administration from Queens College, NY. She continues to perform, choreograph and teach children and adult workshops throughout the world.

Her deep commitment is to extend to others the quality, versatility and experience that she has attained through the pursuit of her passions and the collaboration with the many talented associates.

Mayte Modeling

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Tango Dance Gallery

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The Impermeable Woman

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Flamenco Dance Gallery

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Tango Romance

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Movies & Theater Gallery

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